Pre-requisite of a Society

As a SOCIETY, we have two major functions: EXISTENCE and PERSISTENCE

What is society?

A society is an organization of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

Types of society:

  • Organizations: Groups and Associations, Religious, Clubs, Entrepreneurial, Schools, Causes e.t.c.
  • Family
  • Community, towns, cities.

EXISTENCE: This we are currently doing.

PERSISTENCE: This is currently under serious threat. Human beings love persistence and will do all within its power to desperately pursue existence through the use of various recovery mechanisms.

SOCIETAL COPING STRATEGIES – The five functional prerequisites


Economic Subsystem
Sources of income ceased, new ones emerged, the burden of loans remained strong. Traditional 8-5 jobs were adjusted in favour of work from home, freelancing, part-time, automation, bots, ticketing, customer care strengthened, etc. New financial attitudinal changes and recovery mechanism emerged

Goal Attainment
Political Subsystem

Loss of power and authority.
Power and authority change hands in favour of who provides solutions and means of survival.

Religious, educational social interaction, etc.

Family maladjustment, social disorder,

School disruptions, and religious realignment, etc.
Religion and spirituality is now been redefined.
The true meaning of the Church became clearer.
The need to spread the good news to all nations found solace in ICT.

Interactions, values, and education were redefined.
The need for worship and education without boundaries became pronounced

Latent Patent Maintenance

Culture & Sanctions,
Illegality became legal, integration was reexamined.
Much cherished visitation, travels, and tours, group interaction,
partying, the ing, the celebration of life, graduation,
matriculation etc were revalued and emergent scenarios introduced


Some traditional technologies failed while others emerged. Online this and online that became the new normal


Where is your strength?

  1. Adaptation
  2. Goal Attainment
  3. Integration
  4. Latent Patent Maintenance
  5. Technology

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